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Hind Mahmoud Elhaj Mohammed (Sudan)
ヒンド マハモード・エルハージ・モハメド(スーダン)

Kyushu Institute of Technology Graduate School of Engineering
ABE Initiative 5th batch participant

Language is the key to fully understand Japanese way of thinking and living


Hind Mahmoud Elhaj Mohammed

Coming to Japan was a dream come true for me. I can still remember it clearly, when the airplane landed in Haneda airport and I set my foot in Tokyo. “ Hind! You made it!” I said to myself. My name is Hind Mahmoud by the way. I was filled with happiness, excitement and ready to experience and try everything I read and watched about Japan and Japanese culture. It was time to live the dream to the fullest.

Since I came here, I’ve tried every food you could think of, be it exotic or not, Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki, Sashimi, Natto,...etc. I’ve visited Beppu, Hakata, Shimonoseki, Tokyo and planning to visit more.
I am from an African country that has the most number of pyramids -not Egypt- and the longest river in the world. Were you able to guess it? Yes, it’s Sudan.
Sudan is geographically and populationally diverse with a lot of mineral, livestock and other natural resources. But unfortunately due to many factors we are struggling as a nation to rise.
I lived half of my life in Oman a country in the middle east and the latter half in Sudan and currently living in Japan. Living in three different societies with a lot of contrast between them and some similarities, broadens any person’s mind and makes him/her more adjustable and understanding. I really advise you to live in/or visit other countries.
I consider myself lucky to be an ABE initiative participant and a systems engineering master student at Kyushu Institute of Technology in LaPlace laboratory where small satellites are built by students and students are nurtured to grow and advance.
All of the above leads to a very important question “what am I going to do with this great opportunity?”
Step one is to learn the Japanese language. I believe language is the key to fully understand Japanese way of thinking and living.
Step two is to build a network through conferences, internships, events and social activities with Japanese people. One of the important advantages of ABE is the network we have among the African participants. Pairing this with the Japanese network is definitely a gain.
Step three is to seek the possibility to work in a Japanese company and help by putting my knowledge and experience in practice. I can also provide all the information needed to enter the Sudanese market and African market through the network I have. And help them understand the needs of market, while also developing my country through those investments.

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