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Montchebolatan Nicole Chabi (Benin)
モンチェボラタン ニコル チャビ(ベナン)

Rikkyo University Graduate School of Business
ABE Initiative 5th batch participant

Create a consulting firm in the future


Montchebolatan Nicole Chabi

My name is Nicole Chabi, from the Republic of Benin.
Currently I am a student in International Business, in the specialty of Master of Public Management and Administration at Rikkyo University.
During my studies, I have been learning more about Business Management, Public Relations, Finance and Investments. I acquired a lot of skills and knowledge on the Japanese Economy, politics and Public Administration. I got practical skills in Project Cycle Management, Economic Development and International Trade.

・ How does the overseas experience specifically help you?
My experiences abroad helped me a lot to enlarge my networking. I got the opportunity to meet several companies and discuss with them about opportunities of Business in Africa especially in my country Benin, located in West Africa.
Experiences abroad, also helped me to be more opened. They increase my leadership skills and acquire more management strategies capacity. They help understand more about other cultures.

・ What kind of job do you want to get in the future?
In the future, I would like to work in the department of international relations of a Japanese company in order to be a bridge (KAKEHASHI) or intermediate for more opportunities to Africa.

Montchebolatan Nicole Chabi

Later on, I intend to create a consulting firm in my country Benin. The main purpose of this firm, is to closely work with the government and public administrations on projects by providing advice, project cycle management, business plan, and suggesting companies for partnerships. Through my relations with Japanese companies, I will introduce them depending on their activity sector. I will also help Japanese companies interested in Africa, to export or import depending on the product.

・ What you felt in your daily life in Japan ?
In the beginning, it was quite not so easy with the new environment and weather change. But after a couple of months, I adjusted and now I feel really good living here. I tried many Japanese foods and I really loved them. Learning Japanese is one of the great opportunities I got living here, it makes life much more easier for me.

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