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Leonardo Raimundo Macamo (Mozambique)
レオナルド ライムンド マカモ(モザンビーク)

Kobe Institute of Computing Graduate School of Information Technology
Mozambican National Hydrocarbon Company (ENH)
ABE Initiative 5th batch participant

Japanese company can succeed doing business in Africa


Leonardo Raimundo Macamo

Mozambique located in Southeast Africa bordered by the Indian Ocean to the east, Tanzania to the north, Malawi and Zambia to the northwest, Zimbabwe to the west, and Eswatini (Swaziland) and South Africa to the southwest. Mozambique is a member of SADC, a southern Africa community, which is a regional economic block, composed by 15 countries, (more than 240 millions of citizens), but also is a member founder of Africa Union, an organization which includes all Africans countries. By joining a Mozambique market or using Mozambique as an entrance for the African market, it could provide a great opportunity to joint all other southern African markets but also for all Africa.
The most important about Mozambique is about location (located in eastern India coastal), permits easily import and export, using its 3 important ports (Nacala one of the deepest water in Africa, Beira and Maputo). Other point is related to the interlard countries such as Malawi, Zimbabwe, Zambia, including a south part of South Africa (Limpopo province), which depends directly on Mozambique ports to import and export their product. In the southern Africa community, there were established a free trade area, an opened market, which permits all members of the community to exchange and make business each other easier in some cases with low rates or without pay. If any company can join Mozambique's market, it turns on automatically in an opportunity to deal with different countries in the community or in Africa market as a whole.

In Hydrocarbon sector, Mozambique discovered, more than 200 trillion cubic feet (TcF) of natural gas in northerneast of the country. According to the prediction it will turn into a 2nd large FLNG exporter (floating liquefied natural gas), around the world. Actually occur the exploration process with high possibility of discovery for more hydrocarbons including oil, according to the geological analysis and studies. The process of management and development of this resources has been undertaken by ENH (a Mozambique government representative in all oil value chain), and the international corporations (partners) such as Mitsui and others, with knowhow and financial resources. The Mozambican natural gas is on deep water, which will require high and specific technology and well prepared human resources.
This sector brought to Mozambique a great opportunity to invest in different area such as hostelry, transportation, infrastructure, construction, agriculture, IT, Security, Monitoring, but also in hydrocarbon sector.

We will need much specified companies which can provide such kind of services and their expertise’s. All investors in different areas are really welcome to Mozambique. One of the most important things is related to the security, Mozambique is not any more on war since 1992 and those days the Mozambique government and opposition parties are working together to improve the peace process. It shows how the government takes serious all aspects to protect all citizens and their investments.

''Leonardo Raimundo Macamo

In human resources, Mozambique has more than 70% of young people who are always able to do everything and can help and facilitate of establishment of any company in Mozambique. Japanese companies with their experience and high technology can play a key role and take an advantage if can decide seriously to expand their business, using Mozambique as an entrance, I think this is a good time and great opportunity for Japanese companies to be more active, without fearing other countries companies, because they are also looking for opportunity, but in process of business wins who can use good strategy, innovative products associates with high technology take into consideration the final price and time to deliver the product.
According to my short experience here in Japan, Japanese’s are very serious, working hard and always concerning about schedule and time, in my point of view, Japanese technology and products have a market in Africa and can succeed doing business in Africa.

According to the history, the first African Samurai in Japan were Mozambican, which came as a slave. Oda Nobunaga evaluated Yasuke's ability and gave him the status of a samurai that even Japanese could not easily be given. This shows how Africans are serious and engaged, but also shows how they make effort and dedicated in everything they do. This shows the good relations between Mozambique and Japan which could be taken for Japanese enterprises because falling historical relations from both countries which is not started 5 or 10 years ago, it’s began centuries ago, a really historical relation..
Concerning the ABE initiative and its benefits, the first thing we need to know is that, more than 60% Africans citizens are young, ages of 20 and 35 years old. It means that Africa has human resources that can perform any function with spirit and determination..
Africans are always motivated to learn new things, dedicated for what they with sense of respect and responsibility. As any Africans, the ABE initiative participants are serious when they are given a serious opportunity, and they are able to do everything which could help both sides, Africa and Japan.
I believe that if this type of cooperation is taken seriously, it can benefit Japanese companies and the growth of African economies, thereby helping to fill unemployment in Africa, at the same time giving human capacity rejuvenated to Japan.
It's not news for anyone that Japan is facing serious problems of its work force decrease, for this we all have to think about how this can be reversed, what kind of strategies must be made so that the economy could not be suffocated by pensions.
I don’t want to say that Japan should get Africans to solve its problems, but I want to raise a debate and reflection, based in win-win cooperation, we can all benefit, because as I mentioned before, Africa has many human resources and lack of job opportunities mainly for young people and Japan has the reverse, so if Japan and Africa could work together to solve both issues, I think something could change for both sides. As this year is a big invent in Japan (TICAD7), hope it could help to extend more cooperation between Africa and Japan in different fields and may Japanese companies and citizens can discover more about Africa and explore the opportunity.

One of the best things which I really appreciate for Japanese people is the ability to turn difficulties or problems into business opportunities, an incredible thought, so I would like to congratulate all Japanese by being so smart. For example, if today is typhoon tomorrow they are able to stand up and find a way to avoid the situation and continue developing their country, which is really fantastic. That’s what makes Japan different, more beautiful, safer, more shine, again I congratulate the Japanese people.

The one thing which I often feel uncomfortable with Japanese people is when I ask a simple question like, "have you ever been to Africa", more than 90% say No. Why? Most of them say because it’s very far, of course it’s far but is not the reason to not traveling to Africa. What I want to say is to encourage more Japanese to visit Africa, to discover new things, like culture and so on. I’m sure that if someone decide to visit Africa will be surprised and I am sure will visit more times, because in Africa people are happier even with little resources, they take simple lives, laugh, play, spirit of friendship, helping each others, that’s why life in Africa is totally different and it makes it brighter, Africa is mother Africa .

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