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山口大学大学院 技術経営研究科

山口大学大学院 技術経営研究科


We foster business leaders, who would address various issues in societies, companies, and organizations from synthetic viewpoint of technology and management, and achieve creative results!

学校名山口大学大学院 技術経営研究科


2022年10月入学学生募集 (October 2022 Admission)

 ●Date of Admission: Oct. 1, 2022
 ●Application Period: April 25 to May 6, 2022
 ●Date of interview: June 5, 2022
 ●Venue: Tokiwa Campus, Yamaguchi University
   (2-16-1, Tokiwadai, Ube, Yamaguchi 755-8611, JAPAN)


Syazwani Rosli

2019年度修了生:シャズワニ ロスリ (Syazwani Rosli)

As a professional engineer, I come to realise the importance of technical-management minded in the industry and I am very glad to be selected into the MoT program in Yamaguchi University. In the past 2 years, I managed to get a better understanding on business fundamental, R&D strategy, intellectual property and even finance. This program also help me to conduct my research (Dissertation for Master Degree) by using patent and non-patent information and capture the latest trend of current market. In addition, I able to gain theoretical hands-on experience of text mining tools and know-how skill by conduct survey in top AI Chips maker companies in Japan. The unique in Yamaguchi University is we are being exposed on both theoretical and also practical skill. The lecturers also from professional academy and industry experts background, and concentrated on solving real-life, and real-time issues. Thanks to the support and guidance from all the dedicated lecturers, I able to apply and use all this knowledge in my current job as senior professional analyst. Thank you so much.


Marshitah Tajudin

2016年度修了生:マシタ・タジュディン (Marshitah Tajudin) 
The decision that I made to study in Japan is definitely a treasured one. As a working professional, I gained insights of the Japanese business and technical culture; not just theoretical but also practical-wise. The courses taught are in line with current trend and the lecturers are very knowledgeable, helpful and inspiring, I had the chance to experience my first international conference and had built a relationship with Japanese managers of various backgrounds. I definitely benefit in both professionally and inter-personally from my 2 years' time in Japan.



山口大学大学院 技術経営研究科 - 山口県宇部市常盤台2-16-1

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